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David Despau

Digital Simplexity


Portrait price
£ 1,116

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About David Despau

David Despau

Digital Simplexity

Intricate line details with bursts of dynamic ink.

David Despau’s impressive drawing skills and eye for detail are apparent in the diligently drawn faces of the people in his portraits. From the contours of their faces to the emotion captured in their eyes, David has a knack for expressive portraiture.

The combination of image and typography, and a sense of visual rhythm are important themes that drive David’s work. His realistic illustrations blend detailed hatching techniques with energetic splashes of vibrant ink.

David originally studied architecture but soon found himself drawn to art, eventually graduating with a degree in design. Since then, he has worked on projects for DC Comics and Warner Bros., as well as Time magazine, Burton, and ESPN magazine.


David Despau’s work carefully orchestrates a balance of contrasting mediums within each piece. He creates dynamism by using precise hatching in pencil beside the expressive washes and splashes of watercolours and ink.

He begins by sketching out his portrait in pencil, inserting the fine detail he is well known for. The watercolours are put onto paper next, allowing for some intuitive and unrestrained marks.

The final stages are carried out on computer, where all the different elements are attentively brought together.


  • Select your artist and choose from a variety of customisation options.
  • You will be able to indicate the number of sitters in your portrait, its size, number of copies, and the type of material to be printed on.
  • Upload your favourite photos and we will help you to pick the right one to use.
  • Securely pay online via Sagepay using a range of payment methods.
  • Give feedback on the work in progress and review a digital proof before the final product is shipped.
  • Received your portrait direct to your door.


How to provide photos

  • Choose your favourite photos - the more the better! We will help you choose the best one to use.
  • Easily upload photos by dragging and dropping the files or selecting them from your computer.
  • Clear, well-lit, high resolution images are best. Photos taken by webcams or phones with a low megapixel resolution tend not to work as well.



We deliver all over the world via FedEx.


Our Printed Portraits are bespoke, commissioned pieces of art and are as such non-refundable. However, we take every precaution to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end product. You will be sent a digital proof to review before the final print is made and any prints damaged in transit will be reprinted and dispatched.

David Despau

Digital Simplexity


Portrait price
£ 1,116
Commission a bespoke portrait by internationally recognised illustrator David Despau, inspired by your photographs, delivered straight to your door in 2/3 weeks. The perfect gift or one-of-a-kind artwork for your home.

£406 +£609 =£1,015




£ 1,015

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