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Nastplas Studio



Portrait price
£ 1,616

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About Nastplas Studio



Abstract digital patterns in atmospheric compositions.

Nastplas Studio create art that stimulates the imagination with subtle swirls of decorative design. Their aesthetic incorporates delicate detail while at the same time seamlessly blending in realistic elements.

Nastplas are illustrator Fran R. Learte, aka ‘drFranken’, and creative director Natalia Molinos. The pair formed their creative partnership in 2006 and have since been working on a broad range of creative projects together in Madrid, Spain.

Their work is an interweaving arrangement of photographic and digital elements, which also incorporates drFranken’s expertise as a digital programmer in engineering.

Their complex artwork has been seen in projects for Airtran Airways, Lexus, Advanced Photoshop Magazine, and IdN among others.


For Nastplas studio, preparation is always the first stage to their process and key in establishing a good idea for the project. A great deal of research to find relevant texts and related imagery always comes first.

Once their concept is established, they are then able to gain a clearer idea of what techniques are appropriate for that particular image. They use many digital and handmade techniques such as using 3D elements, photographic retouching, and vector art. Because of this, it is best to assess which is the best approach for any given project.

After taking care of the more production-heavy side of things, the right kind of lighting is added to give it that special Nastplas quality we see.


  • Select your artist and choose from a variety of customisation options.
  • You will be able to indicate the number of sitters in your portrait, its size, number of copies, and the type of material to be printed on.
  • Upload your favourite photos and we will help you to pick the right one to use.
  • Securely pay online via Sagepay using a range of payment methods.
  • Give feedback on the work in progress and review a digital proof before the final product is shipped.
  • Received your portrait direct to your door.


How to provide photos

  • Choose your favourite photos - the more the better! We will help you choose the best one to use.
  • Easily upload photos by dragging and dropping the files or selecting them from your computer.
  • Clear, well-lit, high resolution images are best. Photos taken by webcams or phones with a low megapixel resolution tend not to work as well.



We deliver all over the world via FedEx.


Our Printed Portraits are bespoke, commissioned pieces of art and are as such non-refundable. However, we take every precaution to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end product. You will be sent a digital proof to review before the final print is made and any prints damaged in transit will be reprinted and dispatched.

Nastplas Studio



Portrait price
£ 1,616
Commission a bespoke portrait by internationally recognised illustrator Nastplas Studio, inspired by your photographs, delivered straight to your door in 2/3 weeks. The perfect gift or one-of-a-kind artwork for your home.

£606 +£909 =£1,515




£ 1,515

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