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Fabulous Noble is an innovative creative service that completely challenges who and how bespoke art is commissioned.

We offer customers the unique opportunity to commission bespoke art from world-famous illustrators and graphic artists, without all the stuffiness, hassle and expense of the traditional commissioning process.

We want our customers to live with stunning art that is both visually impactful and highly personal. We believe commissioning bespoke art, from top-flight creative talent, is the best way to achieve this. Too many people, have too little personal attachment to what is on their walls - whatever the price point. We want to be the possession people grab when their house is on fire!

Each artist is famous in their own right for their unique and fresh take on portraiture. This results in highly distinctive and creative artworks for our clients. (see our Artists)


Pierre-Andre Ben Lassin



Passionate about architecture, design and graphic art from a young age, Pierre-André originated the concept of Fabulous Noble. At Fabulous Noble, he is responsible for curating our portfolio of artists and leading the development of the business and the brand. Pierre-André is a founding member of Ora-Ito, which was established as the very first virtual brand before becoming a recognised design brand in its own right. He also founded Whatever Projects, a specialist web design and brand consultancy.

Olivier Beau De Lomenie



Over the last 10 years, Olivier has been involved in a wide variety of new ventures in the online space. He led the team that built Ocado award-winning e-commerce platform, driving both the product and technology roadmaps. He then co-founded and launched a groundbreaking loan distribution service, Moneio, as well as Fashionette and Myshowcase, both online retailers. Olivier graduated from Stanford University with a BS and an MS in Mechanical Engineering.

James Bidwell



James is a high-growth and business-transformation CEO. James has over 20 years experience across the retail, tourism, leisure and marketing industries. He is an international brand and business builder, known for his leadership, strategic and business transformation skills. Currently CEO at Springwise. com, previous roles include Marketing Director, Selfridges; CEO Visit London; Managing director Anthropologie, Europe, CEO Cass Art and CEO He also works as investor, advisor and ned in various brand-led businesses.

Portraits by Oriana Fenwick